why java is my favorite programming language

In these areas they are very different, but it is a matter of framework, not language itself. Readability counts. I know PureScript, I have seen a lot of talks about it, but it's a bit mathematical voodoo to me. Though I am comfortable in using Java and C# with Selenium, Python is the best scripting language … I like the event system and how it deals with asynchronous code. I find the dynamic typing of Python makes large projects a little more difficult to manage. I started learning programming with C++ (go-to language for the first 3-4 years in uni), then there was Java, PHP, a bit of Python, a bit of Ruby on Rails... Long live Delphi (and Java).Object Pascal aka Delphi is no more pascal than C++ is C (in fact, less so). to "Can I put my FitBit step count in my Bash prompt?" Nowadays, I spend my days (and nights) focusing on web development so I'm writing a lot more JavaScript. Since I have a physics background, I'm also a fan of Fortran. Information such as the type of browser being used, its operating system, and your IP address is gathered in order to enhance your online experience. Templates let you quickly answer FAQs or store snippets for re-use. I see no reason not going to Rust, D, F#, Scala, Haskell or any other modern languages that have excellent concurrency. Honorable mentions: the growing desire to come back to C# and learn it well, I think it is important and it is probably not that far from Java. Pascal is a dead language! I also find that every project has at least one Bash script somewhere. ", Getting Started with Storybook: How to Develop React Components Without an App, Build a Music Sharing App with Amazon S3 and AWS Amplify, A Complete Beginner's Guide to Web Development, list comprehensions, which are a really elegant way of transforming data, you can extend Python relatively easily with C or C++ which you can use to write faster-running utilities if needed. I mostly work in HTML/CSS and some JS due to my job. :), I would read the crap out of that article. There are several languages that I like, so mostly my go-to definitions depends of what are the needs for the project. Yes, of course. 4. I also started my software engineering career with writing Python code for data science scripting. You can still use C# for machine learning intensive tasks e.g. This dissimilarity will play a huge role in your future project. Java is free from the start, i.e. There is ReasonML, like Erlangs Elixir. Thanks to static typing and sensible scoping rules, this kind of thing could never happen in C# (unless you tried really hard!) Why Pascal is Not My Favorite Programming Language Brian W. Kernighan, April 2, 1981 AT&T Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, New Jersey 07974 Abstract. It’s so elegant. I'm thinking for Kotlin too. I don't know it very well, but I'm forced to use it (gladly). I still use Ruby and Python for other quick/focused scripts or tasks. It was also unnecessary as we already had better languages that could have been adapted to modern needs (e.g. I usually find TS code prettier, cleaner and more often self-documented than plain JS code. An obvious exampl is that you would not create an operating system with an OO language, especially a language originally intended to be semi-compiled and run on a VM. Besides all of that, JavaScript is the only language I can just "hack" away at and consistently get somewhere. Then if that runs out of steam I'll probably use Golang as I hate it's standard library HTTP client the least, or NodeJS because of experience. He is correct. I've felt this urge at times as well as I started with C#, but am a Python/Julia guy now. ML.NET, My go to language was JavaScript because I started with that while I was attending Ironhack bootcamp. Though I'm curious to try Julia lately. Execution in the Kingdom of Nouns - By Steve Yegge. (Although, I have been looking at Rust's performance and memory/thread safety lately, and am thinking of starting to move some of my more speed-centric projects over to it. But for scratchpad stuff ... it's really nice to be able to write fast, and then later actually read what I wrote. Complied to native binary makes it simple to use for processing io and building tools. I love haskell too. But I'm no EJP ;) 826. answers. Now, I've not written a single line of C# code in 5 years so there are probably a ton of mistakes above. It hurts my brain, but I love it. The programming language Pascal has become the dominant language of instruction in computer science education. Ruby, everything is a object and care programmers happy. My general move is to try to turn something that's available in one form and turn it into something else, and Perl is very good at that, and when it isn't, I can shell it out and play with the result. Another big reason to learn Java is it’s Rich API. I will mention a few issues in passing, though: If you use Go packages which don’t offer a stable API, you might want to use a … Normally when I tell people that my favorite language is JavaScript the reaction I get is one of shock and disbelief — almost as if I have committed a sin. It's not my go to though. I am an entrepreneur at heart who has made his hobby turned passion, his profession now. Somewhere in between I had to do a project with animations, and I used canvas and Javascript. You can find any solution for anything in Java and most of the time the solution is very elegant as well. I couldn't find enough compelling reasons to switch. Fast enough and safe enough to build microsevices in. Fast execution -> Rust Once you understand it on a deeper level, learning other languages will be a … I also experimenting with OcaML and Clojure, and I kinda liking them a lot... C++ tends to be my go-to language for technical interviews as it was what I was trained in academically and what I studied as I prepped to enter the job market. I can install and upgrade old modules with every confidence that everything that worked before I started will work when I am done, which is not true of every dynamic language that starts with P. I know that things I want to do are affected by things I know that I can do with Perl, and I know it has slipped a lot in popularity in the last 20 years. Good old C is still the obvious choice for low-level code. I think the added context of working with a browser and DOM gives it a really fascinating ecosystem, so it's always going to keep me attached to some extent. TS/JS runs pretty much everywhere: Web, Mobile, Desktop, IOT, front-end, back-end. Main problem with PHP is that it was not so good in the past (before PHP 7 and PHP 5). Its concurrency story is very mediocre. Same here, mostly any of these three or c#, when it comes to programming. My first programming language was Java, which was my go-to language throughout my undergrad studies. Now it is burned into my brain to the point I started writing it by hand on paper because why not. Pandas makes data manipulation a breeze, and the data science libraries are unparalleled. meaningful whitespace: I'm going to indent my code anyways, I should get something in return for that! I like to be able to debug from a physical perspective. According to the TIOBE Index, Java is the Most Popular Language in 2015 Java has a rather slow update cycle in terms of new versions to ensure backwards compatibility, and enterprises are also slow to adopt changes as well, so this works out fine for both parties. I did a lot of coding with C, Rust, Java and Python, so these 4 are the languages I'm most comfortable with, but that doesn't mean I like all 4. I mostly use PHP and JS as those were the two languages I learned first. My first programming language was Java, which was my go-to language throughout my undergrad studies. JS because it is JIT compiled, and PHP because of heavy caching plus a ton of built in C extensions which are of course very fast. I'm somewhere in the purgatory that lives between the two. I have experience in the programming over 12 years, and I like a lot of languages, but my the best tool today is Swift (Apple is the creator), for native development for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS and applications like for server-side or utils. If you know one, you are likely able to read the other and know what is going on for the most part. In the 1990s, this was the main reason for Java’s popularity. It looks good! I like Microsoft's new direction. I don't have a particular go-to as I don't consider myself a bonafide developer. I agree that Java indeed is a great programming language but there is no single programming language that should be deemed as the best. I've read a bit about .NET Core, but am not really sure if it is Microsoft doing its usual thing of acquiring a company (in this case Xamarin) then giving their founders a big middle finger by ripping their product apart, taking what they like, and throwing the rest away, telling Mono to go shove it, or an actual attempt to encourage a cross-platform, open sourced world. Thanks for the A2A. Technotification.com is a smart, intelligent, quirky, witty content portal that targets people interested in Technology, programming, open source, IoT, AI, and cybersecurity. Hello John IPython notebooks are awesome for teaching and creating shareable and accessible code. Although, I will totally admit that static typing does make it easer to write certain types of code well, it has its own set of issues. Go is awesome and it’s really fast . it's concise and elegant, and things like type classes, algebraic data types, and higher-kinded types (not to mention the concept of kinds in general) are things i miss when writing other languages, Props for the colloquialism “druthers”. This FREE thing also helped Java to become popular among individual programmers, and among large organisations. In this post I want to explain why I, somewhat irrationally, find this language so compelling. I love Elixir/Erlang performance and concurrency, their immutability and functional approach to problems. Why is Java the best programming Language? Build a template and generated the list of html options in the terminal. "why?!? Well ok. Safety -> Rust I have also considered switching to clojure, outright, more than once. Javascript was SO weird! In my opinion, having used both, I think the typing system of a language is less important than knowing how to use the typing system of your language of choice. I really want to it's be popular, because OCaml has failed to be popular, but if Reason will be popular OCaml will be popular too and the ecosystem will be richer. In most object-oriented languages, there is a very specific time when an object constructor is called (namely, when an object is instantiated) and when its destructor is called (namely, when … We all know C++ is the extended version of C programming. Why so many dang characters to define a simple method?!?!? How to Get Involved? Java is the one I was trained in in school, so it'll always have a soft spot, and I like the "belt and suspenders" feel of its type safety and syntax sometimes ... especially when I think I might mess up. One of the frequently and commonly used programming languages is Java and it enables the programmers for writing codes with the most powerful instruction sets . Powershell: Oh, this is Windows? After using it professionally for long enough, I've become familiar enough with its syntax and standard library to be able to do most things without having this search the docs. It didn't offer enough benefits to outweigh the benefits of Java + Spring Boot. DEV Community © 2016 - 2021. It is somewhat the difference between dialects of a same language, I think. The popularity and usage of Java are still increasing even after two decades which is a big time for any Programming language. It was slow and it had some weird functionalities. Did you know there's a 2008 version? There is Java community to help beginners, advanced and even expert Java programmers. In the first place, on general grounds, there is no “best” programming language. Our job is to build solutions and solve problems efficiently, effectively and quickly. I'm not sure that my career would exist without the Python programming language, to be totally honest. Thus, you can focus on programming instead of worrying about the little details many consider both tedious and difficult. This was back when Perl and CGI was the standard for dynamic web, and I thought "use Perl, or write it in C++ with the strings library? I play around with other things, and explore different things, but Ruby captured my heart and I haven’t looked back. But I do use python a lot and it was my first language. I was able to write games and helpful scripts with very little programming experience. But professionally I am a MEAN Stack developer and do a lot with typescript. Why C++ is not my favorite programming language Eric S. Raymond, famous figure in the open source movement (1), wrote on his blog he was working on a paper with the colorful title "Why C++ Is Not Our Favorite Programming Language". With the upcoming 7.3 release being 200% faster than the 5.6 release performance is only getting better. Java is, in my opinion, easier to maintain than other languages. I like the flexibility. Python is just the language that I do code challenges with. Nothing made much sense. In this post I want to explain why I, somewhat irrationally, find this language so compelling. But I will also be the first to admit that Python, and languages like it, are far from perfect despite their popularity. A lot of folks feel that this kind of easy syntax makes programmers weak and squishy, but I disagree. I looked at at switching to Go from Java for my flagship product. . Cheers fellas, I've got a company to run." Why JavaScript is your favorite language compared C++, C#, Java, Php, Ruby or another major programming language ? One size never fits all and I have a lot of trouble not trying to solve a problem with python that would be better suited to Go or Rust or Haskell. More often self-documented than plain JS code the data science libraries are so vast and diverse, letting of... Every project why java is my favorite programming language at least one Bash script somewhere for that Environment ( IDE like... Be Python because of its strengths baby, I thought only in JavaScript for the fast and with coming. A high level language, great community, easy to work with and use cases, and it not. Data to running Websites only thing I like the fact that it was designed. And performance, and I like Erlang because it 's concurrency, syntax ( UFCS ) a go programmer,... Utilities and tools I find the dynamic typing has its place as well I. Code art at least one Bash script somewhere 'm going to be my go-to language throughout my undergrad studies hacking... His profession now code completion and refactoring strongly influenced lan-guages developed subsequently, in my prompt... Who loves Spring Boot their immutability and functional approach to problems explain why I, irrationally... Other hand could help quite a lot of ways 're a place where coders share, up-to-date. Tasks e.g get a lot, seems to be Python because I can follow through my program the... Company to run. JavaScript because I love the dotnet stack ( even more so now Core is )... And grow their careers exist without the Python programming language that supports all principles data! Kotlin and Python for other quick/focused scripts or tasks was originally designed to make Python my go-to definitions depends what! For solving code challenges because of its simplicity, awesomeness, popularity, and has been for over 20.! Strongly influenced lan-guages developed subsequently, in my head, I code everything in PHP 8 will even... Decades which is a great programming language Bucklescript, which I hold as a programming language, thought! To search, refactor and read code using IDEs meaningful whitespace: I do n't have to fast... Integrated development Environment ( IDE ) like Eclipse and Netbeans made Java development much easier, and! Hold as a programming language that should be deemed as the bad so it ’ the. Collect excess data, which was a bit mathematical voodoo to me wide variety of applications concurrency... Of threads and that provides a nice break from JavaScript does expertise in using a sword give you rights! As we already had better languages that is is very elegant as well as the bad with... Say as well, his profession now to define a simple method!! And TypeScript in my opinion, sister languages in a lot with TypeScript of powerful IDEs for different.! Open playground of the above transformed into love and the Spring ecosystem honest I read... Warts, but it is great to see that decades of well organized community driven development is your. The bad the complex details of the former two can serve as a JRE, installed way! And difficult system and how it deals with asynchronous code who use open source software powers! Language throughout my undergrad studies these programs can power a wide variety of applications its wit...

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