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Please refer to the last page of the TSB "Registration of the retrofit through the warranty channel". Currently, Toyota offers Apple CarPlay as a standard option on the three models listed above. I had my service done today and they have done a map update along with Android Auto and Apple Car Play but they have no knowledge of the Direction of Travel Navigation. After some searching it appears that AA won't work with Android 10 until you download an extra app called "Android Auto for phone screen". This is the official Toyota tech doc tor ACP and AA retrofit: BE-00439T-TME It has detailed step by step instructions to follow. Seems that the thread explaining the installation has been deleted? Connect your iPhone to your RAV4 via a lightning USB cable. Audio for 17TDT2EU-DA31 new frimware 1101 They still have no further info. All the MM17 Updates will have been done as part of the update across to MM19 and as it stands the MM19 update is as up to date as it is currently possible to be. Hmm, have had AA on my phone for a while but recently received a phone update to Android 10. Powered by Invision Community, DISCLAIMER: Toyota Owners Club is an independent Toyota forum for owners of Toyota vehicles. followed sticks 1-2-1-3-2 (other people have said 1-2-3-2-1 works before this TSB was published but I didn't want to risk corrupting any of the stuff USB1 dropped in the system, it writes to memory addresses and places dropper files to help with the .sh bash script logic). There is some kind of uncertainty about the mic replacement necessity with the local Toyota dealer. Got them from As a result, it is NOT ALLOWED to retrofit the RHD RAV4 T1. Much as with what you say about your comment, my comment was also passing information on, as others may not be aware that the systems differ. We went silent for a while, partially to see if rumored retrofit action in May will happen. Find a new RAV4 at a Toyota dealership near you, or build & price your own Toyota RAV4 online today. Instructions were published today on how to complete the update and timescales involved: 2.5 hours on models with nav but map version pre 2018v1/943. Toyota Owners Club Select Toyota vehicles come with complimentary Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™️ for seamless integration with your smartphone [C12] [C13]. After that, Apple’s in-car system spread to the company’s other sedans and small SUVs like the popular RAV4. They are upgrading the maps free. Taking a look around in that folder there are configuration files env_pana and env_vehicle so I think that these correspond to my particular vehicles setup i.e. It has detailed step by step instructions to follow. The guideline UK prices of £50 with service and £120 Corolla/£150 Rav4 without, matches up with typical hourly labour costs for garages. Would have thought the warranty channel would only be available to dealers, and presumably if an update isn't registered via the warranty channel, the warranty on the head unit becomes invalid. Look at the big post from 'edie' on page 6, he listed the bulletins you need. BE-00439T-TME. Part number: 86730-42080 (MICROPHONE ASSY)". As a result, it is NOT ALLOWED to retrofit the RHD RAV4 T1. For RHD (Right Hand Drive) RAV4 T1/T1.5 MY19 (without navi & accessory navi) produced from Oct'18 to Sep'19, no solution is available (the LHD solution does not work on RHD). Powered by Invision Community. Apple CarPlay is tied to the Toyota Entune 3.0 infotainment system and models with this feature should also have Apple CarPlay access once drivers set everything up. MyToyota had HARMANMM19RETROTOY along with the new total +2 incremented device ID, and I didn't have to do anything on MyToyota.   Your previous content has been restored. 1 hour on models without nav Servicing is every 12 months or 10,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Let’s go over a few things. 2019 Toyota Vehicles with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Toyota UK have announced details of the programme to allow the upgrade of existing MM17 Audio units in 2019 Corolla & 2019 Rav4. Then when you back to home screen it stays there, not changing to compass view. There was another toyota worker that said the same thing for carplay back in late 2018. By Received a update from my supplier:-. Then toyota came out with a retrofit in may 2019 for carplay. Apple poate garanta ca Apple CarPlay va functiona doar pentru tarile din urmatoarea lista: lista oficiala a tarilor: Pentru a utiliza Apple CarPlay, Siri ar trebui sa fie activa pe telefon. Part number: 86730-42080 (MICROPHONE ASSY)" Said thats costs will be transfered onto Toyota!! In recent months, Toyota announced that the 2019 Camry and Sienna are also proud recipients of Apple CarPlay. All seem good, I am very pleased, and the Maps function now thankfully, points in the direction of travel. However, according to the tech doc, other 'non toyota supplied' USB sticks can be used and tech doc has instructions how to do it. As Devon Aygo said, dealer can / will have to order 3 usb sticks from Toyota parts. Please. Por fin tenemos confirmación del Retrofit del RAV4 2019 para poder tenerlo instalado en los RAV4 2019 que todavía no habían tenido noticia de Toyota España. Do you have a Toyota Tech Bulletin reference please. Clear editor. with this additional sanity check (which wasn't documented in the TSB) I felt confident that the upgrade will be okay for my particular vehicle. We are China's outstanding toyota highlander apple carplay upgrade suppliers, manufacturers and wholesalers,to provide you with high quality toyota highlander apple carplay upgrade products, as well as the toyota highlander apple carplay upgrade price is very competitive.

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