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As said, you can either use an external API service, create a real REST API server or create a fake API using json-server. Throughout this Angular 9 tutorial, we’ve built a complete working Angular application example using the latest version. Just run ng update it will suggest the necessary steps as shown below. Today i.e., 11-11-2020 Angular 11 version has released. HttpClient has many builtin features for implementing test units, HttpClient makes use of RxJS Observables for handling asynchronous operations instead of Promises which simplify common web development tasks such as. In this quick tutorial, we'll see how to check the currently-installed Angular CLI version and update it to the latest Angular 9. Show me how to update! My issue is that every time I include RXJS the TypeScript compiles with no errors but I get this error: After updating my index.html based on this post I get the following errors (and no page load). Once you have updated to Angular 8 then update to Angular 9 or latest version of Angular as below. Handling Errors in Angular 9 HttpClient with RxJS catchError This is an example of a server error on the console if the server is unreachable: Before, we can see an example, we assume we have an Angular project with a HttpClient module imported. Go to the src/app/data.service.ts file and import the retry() operator: Next update the sendGetRequest() method as follows: This will retry sending the failed HTTP request three times. Many of the APIs covered also work all the way back to Angular 2. Your server will be available from the http://localhost:3000/ address. Visit official angular update guide https://update.angular.io for detailed information. But in latest version 9 AOT is used as a default option to complie the project and create bundle files. The newest release again includes improvements in performance, a smaller bundle size and many more. When writing this article, Angular 9.1 is the latest version including features like: Ivy: the new View engine offering faster testing, reduced bundles size, type checking in template and much more great improvements Like the other RxJS operators catchError() can be piped into other streams using the pipe() function and you only need to provide a function that handles the errors properly as an argument to the operator. In the Link header you’ll get first, prev, next and last links. For example, in mobile devices network interruptions are frequent so if the user tries again, they may get a successful response. Next, add a sendGetRequest() method that sends a GET request to the REST API endpoint to retrieve JSON data: The method simply invokes the get() method of HttpClient to send GET requests to the REST API server. In the next step of our Angular 9 tutorial, we'll learn how to set up HttpClient in our Angular 9 project. status, res. For example, version 10.3.9 indicates major version 10, minor version 3, and patch level 9. Head back to your command-line interface and run the following command: Next, open the src/app/data.service.ts file, import and inject HttpClient as follows: We imported and injected the HttpClient service as a private httpClient instance. Check Angular Version in Application. This library works as a bridge between RxJS observables and AngularJS, making it easy to work with Observables in an Angular 1 application. How Angular 8 is the major release in the Angular core framework, Angular CLI, Angular Materials are updated. As a summary of what we have done — We installed Angular CLI and initialized a new project based on the latest Angular 9 version. Instead of letting users manually retry, let’s see how to do that automatically in our example application. Now, let’s see this by example. In this ste, we’ll proceed by implementing the logic for retrieving pagination information from the Link header contained in the HTTP response received from the JSON REST API server. import { HttpClient, HttpErrorResponse, HttpParams } from "@angular/common/http"; import { retry, catchError, tap } from 'rxjs/operators'; return this.httpClient.get(this.REST_API_SERVER, { params: new HttpParams({fromString: "_page=1&_limit=20"}), observe: "response"}).pipe(retry(3), catchError(this.handleError), tap(res => {. Angular versioning. We can also consume or fetch JSON data from third-party REST API servers but in this example, we choose to create a fake REST API. As a summary of what we did until this point of our tutorial — We have setup HttpClient and Angular Material v9 in our project, created the home and about components and configured routing, and finaly added the shell of our application containing a topbar with navigation. We’ll only see how to deploy the frontend application without the fake JSON server. Open the src/app/app.module.ts file and add the following imports: Next, you need to include these modules in the imports array: Next, open the src/app/app.component.html file and update it as follows: We created the shell of our application containing a top bar with two navigation buttons to the home and about components. Other Dependencies I use ngUpgrade to combine AngularJS & Angular I use Angular Material . This is what we'll learn to do in the next step. Now the sendGetRequest() will be used to retrieve the first page of data. This is a screenshot at this point: You should now leave the development server running and start a new command-line interface for running the CLI commands of the next steps. In this step, we’ll proceed to add routing to our example. In this step of our Angular 9 tutorial, … In this this… If you run the ng version command, you should get a similar output: In the next step, we’ll learn how to intialize a new example project from the command-line. In the next step of our tutorial, we’ll learn how to fetch the JSON data from our REST API server using HttpClient v9. Check out this tutorial for a real REST API example. Note: You can use other features such as filters, sorting and ordering. Basic knowledge of TypeScript. To review the key changes with this update, including deprecated APIs, see Updating to Angular version 9 in the Angular documentation. In this step, we’ll proceed to create the Angular components that control our application UI.

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