poetry and humanity

you have to understand,that no one puts their children in a boatunless the water is safer than the landno one burns their palmsunder trainsbeneath carriagesno one spends days and nights in the stomach of a truckfeeding on newspaper unless the miles travelledmeans something more than journey.no one crawls under fencesno one wants to be beatenpitied, no one chooses refugee campsor strip searches where yourbody is left achingor prison,because prison is saferthan a city of fireand one prison guardin the nightis better than a truckloadof men who look like your fatherno one could take itno one could stomach itno one skin would be tough enough, thego home blacksrefugeesdirty immigrantsasylum seekerssucking our country dryniggers with their hands outthey smell strangesavagemessed up their country and now they wantto mess ours uphow do the wordsthe dirty looksroll off your backsmaybe because the blow is softerthan a limb torn off, or the words are more tenderthan fourteen men betweenyour legsor the insults are easierto swallowthan rubblethan bonethan your child bodyin pieces.i want to go home,but home is the mouth of a sharkhome is the barrel of the gunand no one would leave homeunless home chased you to the shoreunless home told youto quicken your legsleave your clothes behindcrawl through the desertwade through the oceansdrownsavebe hungerbegforget prideyour survival is more important, no one leaves home until home is a sweaty voice in your earsaying–leave,run away from me nowi dont know what i’ve becomebut i know that anywhereis safer than here. Before you know what kindness really isyou must lose things,feel the future dissolve in a momentlike salt in a weakened broth.What you held in your hand,what you counted and carefully saved,all this must go so you knowhow desolate the landscape can bebetween the regions of kindness.How you ride and ridethinking the bus will never stop,the passengers eating maize and chickenwill stare out the window forever. We're here to share pandemic poetry and spark discussion. Mexican or Middle Eastern, it doesn’t matter which. Submit a poem to the project by emailing poetryandcovid@gmail.com. I was of three minds, Like a student with a business major. “Let America Be America Again” – Langston Hughes. So glad they inspired you, too! “Poetry can be … Next, check out thirteen of my favorite poems about those little moments that make you appreciate life’s fragile beauty. It’s breathtaking. Image courtesy the author I rarely read poetry and im so inspired! Humanity Is At Stake Amitava Sur 19. Poems can be structured, with rhyming lines and meter, the rhythm and emphasis of a line based on syllabic beats.Poems can also be freeform, which follows no formal structure.. The Trials And Tribulations Of Life Can Be Disheartening But They Are Our Greatest Teachers. Deep within our DNA is the capacity for violence, hatred, and deceit. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. These are beautiful poems to read over and over. It shows how poets push language to its maximum in order to express those things about humanity that are most true, or difficult or subtle. So glad you liked them!! A collection of well-written poems from a diverse group of poets, spanning from around the world. Are one. Before you know kindness as the deepest thing inside,you must know sorrow as the other deepest thing.You must wake up with sorrow.You must speak to it till your voicecatches the thread of all sorrowsand you see the size of the cloth.Then it is only kindness that makes sense anymore,only kindness that ties your shoesand sends you out into the day to gaze at bread,only kindness that raises its headfrom the crowd of the world to sayIt is I you have been looking for,and then goes with you everywherelike a shadow or a friend.

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