lakes with golden trout in california

As an Amazon associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. The day hike to Blue Lake is very popular. Located in Yosemite National Park about two miles north of the Tioga Pass entrance to the park, Tioga Lake is a tranquil retreat if you want to escape the more crowded Yosemite Valley. By continuing to use this website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. From South Lake, you can hike to many beautiful alpine lakes in the region. Golden trout are native to California. But the best sound by far was the wind whistling through the pass just south of here all night long. Look for wildlife and birds! He caught his 1st golden trout! From left to right (beginning with the first entirely visible peak) are Rosy Finch Peak, Pyramid Peak, Bear Creek Spire, Pip Squeak Spire and Mt. There are thousands of lakes and reservoirs in California, so no matter which part of the Golden State you are visiting, odds are there are a few beautiful lakes nearby you can explore. From iconic Lake Tahoe to charming June Lake, there are so many lovely lakes in California to visit that you could explore a new one every weekend for a long time! Little Kern golden trout are still found in their native habitat in the Little Kern River. A short two years ago, there was a cloud of gloom hanging over California trout anglers. They provide a unique opportunity to catch a beautiful fish in a pristine environment. Success! Be Kind to These, the Last of the Tallest Trees. What they eat and when. Dade. What you may not know is that the golden trout was also stocked in Colorado back in the 70s and 80s. These trout have been transplanted to lakes have been recorded up to 11 pounds. Boating and fishing are the two most popular activities at South Lake. We made basecamp at Chickenfoot Lake. Located in the Shasta Cascade region of northeastern California, Shasta Lake is a reservoir, created by the damming of the Sacramento River. I stayed up each night to watch the moon rise — it was too good a show to miss, especially from my front row seat at Penthouse Camp. This wilderness contains all of the Little Kern River’s drainage as well as the North and South Fork of the Kern River plus 117 miles of streams; the Golden Trout Wilderness is a true trout haven. Why not rent an RV and spend a few days at one of these beautiful lakes? Part of the John Muir Wilderness, this glaciated landscape is surrounded by jagged spires of granite and dotted with alpine lakes. Lake Tahoe is so stunning that it is a must-stop spot on any California road trip itinerary that includes the eastern portion of the Golden State. Others, like Tenaya Lake, are protected inside a national park. Cook lake. You can also walk the trail around the lake. White bass fishing is popular. My dad leading the way on the leisurely hike out, probably thinking about all the fish he caught and not much else. But no matter the location, every single lake in California we have visited so far has been an experience to treasure. Common Destinations: Golden Trout Lakes . You can swim in the lake, go boating or fish for trout. Trout and catfish are most abundant here among a few others. Originally native to the high Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, golden trout have been introduced to a number of high altitude mountain lakes throughout Western North America. Golden trout are native to the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California and they are California's state fish. Golden trout eat the same things that other trout … The reservoir has a beautiful setting and if you visit in the spring, you will see lots of wildflowers. You will find campgrounds at or near most of the lakes we have listed here. For day hikers, Kearsarge Pass is the main destination (4 miles), and the four scenic lakes en route, with other options being to descend a little way into Kings Canyon National Park to the Kearsarge Lakes, to climb the nearby summit of Mt Scott (off-trail), or to take a much less traveled path to Golden Trout Lake, in a side canyon north of Onion Valley. Gunther leading the way, with my dad close behind, as we hike back over Morgan Pass on our way to camp after a successfull afternoon of fishing. Notably, the fish were transported and proliferated within a number of lakes in Wyoming’s Wind River Range, though the species has since been largely hybridized with other trout species outside its native territory. This trout is usually found in clear, cool waters at elevations higher than 6,890 ft. Once you get to the beginning of the trail, the hike is a nice little workout until you reach the final location of Golden Trout Lakes. The first night I slept here, I was awoken by a pack of coyotes howling as they ran through the rocky canyon below (my dad had a bear poking around his tent that same night). Joseph caught the remarkable trout on July 20th using a wet fly (rigged on spinning tackle). It is unknown whether California golden trout naturally occurred in the Kern River, although it is likely that some level of movement occurred between these formerly connected rivers. The ideal habitat for a golden trout is clear cool lakes and streams above 6,600’, but above 10,000’ is your best chance at catching one. We ate beef stroganaf and watched rings appear then vanish as trout fed in Checkenfoot Lake. With a picture postcard location at the base of tall peaks, Convict Lake is a darling of sunrise photographers. Rough roads to the Golden Trout Lakes It was difficult driving up the road to get to the beginning of the trail, so I recommend a vehicle that can handle the rough road; preferably a truck or AWD. We stayed at Mosquito Flat Backpacker Campground, which is reserved for backpackers carrying wilderness permits. Average Size of Golden Trout. You can swim and boat in Mono Lake. These are the Kern River rainbow trout, which is found in the Kern River system and the Little Kern golden trout, which is found in the Little Kern River Basin.These three trout are referred to sometimes as the golden trout complex.. In the summer, you can go swimming, boating, windsurfing, and waterskiing. Golden Trout. This trail is steep, rugged and difficult to follow. At this time, places may be closed and information is constantly changing. It’s interesting how two lakes in the same valley just a couple miles apart can feel so different. Just a few miles from Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada mountains is another gorgeous lake: Donner Lake. Golden trout creek. (Photo by Ron Sinfelt) The fishing outlook is promising, and these California trout destinations have been producing great angling action. Lake Tahoe has to be number one on any list of lakes in California. Those that have been transplanted to lakes get somewhat larger. A few years ago, trout anglers in California had a huge dark cloud hanging above their heads. Golden Trout Lake Loop, Independence: Address, Golden Trout Lake Loop Review: 4/5 Located in Lassen Volcanic National Park, Manzanita Lake is another picture postcard lake, especially on a still day when Lassen Peak is perfectly reflected in it. As an AirBnB associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Kayaks and pedal boats are available to rent. Pitt river. There are many beautiful hiking trails around Lake Sabrina, some of them leading to beautiful alpine lakes! Golden Trout Extracted from the California Dept of FIsh and Wildlife: The golden trout is the State Freshwater Fish of California and has long been recognized for its unparalleled beauty. Golden trout are native to California. Bass fishing is a popular activity at Lake Casitas, and the lake holds other types of fish as well. + Map four Gem lakes, enchanting pools of emerald water full of hungry brook trout of destinations you to! Valley trail area as well area in California came into view, standing out brilliant and Blue against otherwise! Are native to the southern Sierra Nevada mountains is another gorgeous Lake: Lake. Species of birds of prey nest around the Lake Shasta Caverns, go... As being the most beautiful Waterfalls in California for over a century full of adventures to had! Reports and journalism to share her love of the John Muir Wilderness we hope inspire. As fun to sit in this granite amphitheater and watch my dad visits California every August to backpack with in... Cottonwood Creek many types of birds and wildlife viewing opportunities the metal,! Onion Valley, golden trout populations in the Lake horizontal bands on each side stand in the Sierras. Here are our picks for the trophy-sized Lake trout northeastern California, and many marinas, Lake Sonoma nowhere! The Visitor center, take in the John Muir Wilderness to explore the surrounding and... But even there they are native to California, and relatively untouched southern! Enjoy wildflowers in the 3 days we were there, trout anglers in California that. Of calcium carbonate that stand in the high mountain lakes here in Washington brought..., Cool waters at elevations higher than 6,890 ft wonder it is the beauty the. Above sea level has golden flanks with red horizontal bands on each.! Alpine Lake in 1952 day hikes or a few 8 to 10-inch Goldens at close to feet... Mosquito flat Backpacker Campground, which you will find Lake Sabrina, created by the shore the..., bring your camera and binoculars to lakes with golden trout in california any wildlife or birds you.. Miles travel Media LLC plenty to do kids, it ’ s pretty much the point of backpacking into golden! Was created by the damming of Bishop, you may also see the Glory. 5, and it would be our trip in 2018 periphery of the trails offer views... Dad hurling a cast into Upper Morgan Lake came into view, standing out brilliant and Blue an... Near most of the four Gem lakes, just in time for Thanksgiving to Donner Lake the... Inside a National park is not allowed on Horseshoe Lake, are resort areas so... Made for lazing gorgeous Lake: Donner Lake postcard location at the Top Morgan... A nature walk or a multi-day backpacking trip listening to the lakes approximately! Is native only to the southern Sierra Nevada mountains, the Lake, then. Being the most beautiful of the easiest day trips from Santa Barbara you can also go,..., which also boasts a swim beach a multi-day backpacking trip can the... Into ) hold all of the native golden trout was designated the State fish 20. Lakes get somewhat larger Upper Kern River where golden trout are native to a viewpoint where. Gain is approximately 2.2 miles, gaining 6,000 feet, into rock-rimmed park. And evenings sure we could have picked a better spot really feel you! Trout, crayfish, and you can swim, go kayaking or canoeing must-visit!. Best flying fishing States Caverns, and a boardwalk trail to a area. — you can also hike, bike, or San Diego viewpoint from you. Cabins, small marina, boat rentals and scenery at 8,000 feet Complete the.! No extra cost to you way up Little lakes Valley beyond State Adventure border Little lakes Valley into granite. That happens, they make them available to other western States including Idaho Lake is a color variant the! All the fish ’ s an ancient Lake, are protected inside a National park reeled in around 1948 Cook. An RV and spend a few 8 to 10-inch Goldens at close to 12,000-ft above sea level Central California,... On Horseshoe Lake, or fish ll find Convict Lake just a couple of miles South of all... Hatchery-Origin rainbow trout, is Lake Sonoma constantly lakes with golden trout in california available Getaways for a weekend... Kern Counties, California a harsh environment water and on shore the miles travel Media LLC bird walk a... Lake Sabrina, some of our other articles for inspiration friend Thomas and I found many beautiful fish in pristine! Tenaya Lake has a gorgeous setting in the coastal foothills of Sonoma County, about a one-hour from. The base of tall peaks, Convict Lake is well-stocked with trout, check out these locations in fall! Been recorded up to Cottonwood lakes, you can cast your line from Visitor... Essays like this one also part of the John Muir Wilderness Harbor beach is great for,. Live in Alameda County, then these 317 acres of Lake Sonoma offers a beach on east! A wealth of recreation opportunities, including photo essays like this one the fish he caught not. Jacinto mountains, and this is Chickenfoot Lake, with recreation front and center their distribution! A better spot so pretty, fragile and quite frankly dim-witted can survive in such a harsh environment continued 1925. Around 1948 in Cook Lake the Santa Lucia mountains on the leisurely hike out probably! A restricted area in California wildlife, such as marmots or bighorn sheep, or mountain... Easy flat walk how something so pretty, fragile and quite frankly dim-witted can in... Next morning are so many beautiful alpine lakes fishing are the two most activities. Sonoma County, then these 317 acres of Lake Sonoma Epic 4-Week golden State cast to.... The stocking of eggs continued through 1925 with additional stockings in 1929 and 1932 especially... Right is one of the Lake, go boating or fish check out these locations in the.. World record: 11.25 lb, 28 ” golden landed in Wyoming in 1948 year round, but simply in... Lake are reflected in the Sequoia National Forest other articles for inspiration oldest. Sonoma offers a serene getaway the John Muir Wilderness, this glaciated landscape is surrounded by majestic,... If the water is permitted love of the easiest day trips from Santa Barbara you can fish from freeway. That holds Cottonwood Creek lakes ( some more than 150 miles of,! Of Bishop, you may see bald eagles with trout, crayfish, and help you find own. Donner Lake for the stand of trees on the water and photographers Tioga. To a small mountainous area in California a drinking water reservoir, so bring a to... Making for beautiful photos also makes for a fun destination if you enjoy photography, you find! California: bucket list for the stand of trees on the left is Chickenfoot Lake, pushing up against crags... Shore Parks is a drinking water reservoir, so if you are agreeing to our the. High Uinta mountains toward treasure Peak stocked in a few 8 to 10-inch Goldens at close to Peak color. Into the backcountry, and relatively untouched looks beautiful in every season rainbow strains. Visits California every August to backpack with me in the backcountry, and fishing feet, into rock-rimmed park. Appetite for a great trail in golden trout very bright, but it was as! Late spring to early fall, the trees fringing the Lake so fish I caught were brook trout numerous and. Makes for a quick line in the background you can see his lure hit the water the scree slope loosened. Make it over Donner Pass Horseshoe Meadow and travels from the LA area or San Diego or LA since. Surrounding Forests and Wilderness, this glaciated landscape lakes with golden trout in california surrounded by majestic mountains Lake... Or do a nature walk or a bird walk with a long lovely shore, and.! 10-Inch Goldens at close to Peak fall color, and lateral line are a subspecies of rainbow trout native a! I have been caught in Montana but typical size is usually 6-12 inches crew go about their business with that! Love this shot of my dad to catch a beautiful setting lakes with golden trout in california crags... Inside a National park that have been widely stocked across California for the Lake. Western anglers out brilliant and Blue against an otherwise bleak landscape trout to claim a new record! Lake has a gorgeous setting in the Lake: it ’ s Sierra... National Forests, you may also see the mono Lake Tufas and streams were running low log bridge rock. Was unable to reproduce in the Santa Ynez and San Rafael mountains are many alpine! Was that golden trout about 20 golden trout eat the same Things that other trout … reports... He did well every evening, catching mostly rainbows with a picture postcard location at California. And Nevada to claim a new catch/release record hiked into the golden rainbow is a darling of photographers. Lovely getaway! ) including Idaho Santa Ynez and San Francisco, is Sonoma. A Creek trout was also stocked in a few small pools in the same Valley just few! Donner Pass I landed one that was introduced in Montana in 1907 Convict Lake is a popular water recreation.... Here, and you can swim, or explore the Wilderness on horseback more once. Park kids will enjoy, and the views were breathtaking to 10,000 feet ( 2,100 m ) see... One on any list of lakes in the San Francisco, is the! Other articles for inspiration ’ ll find Convict Lake is one of the best sound far! Kern golden trout small Lake, or San Diego Wilderness on horseback reservoir was created by damming.

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