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Ginga has flame-colored spiky hair with a streak of white in the manga. Yu even tries to best the two alone but is knocked out of the match by Sophie's incredible power knocking some sense into Gingka and Masamune. Gingka taunts Tobio into fighting him head on but falls for Tobio's trap as Pegasus is getting attacked from all directions bouncing off the floor with its performance tip. Gingka goes up to him and the kid tells someone stole his bey. Chi-yun awards them for winning by telling them about the World Championships which shocks both Gingka and Masamune. Gingka then reveals to Kenta what makes a true blader strong, saying its not the attack power or stamina, that its the the Beyblader's Heart. That made Gingka realize that he has lost his bey spirit after his loss to Ryuga and was only out to find anyway to defeat him with revenge. Gingka faces RyugaAdded by Desboy96Gingka and Team GanGan Galaxy return to Europe to view Wang Hu Zhong's match with Team Excalibur. When Kyoya was released from training by Doji, Kyoya disbands the Face Hunters and searches out to find someone for a battle. Gingka and co. and Doji are suprised at the site that Kyoya has arrived in order to help them. Nemesis falls as Nemesis and Rago disappear with no trace left behind at all. Yu reveals that his wish is to host one tournament: Battle Bladers! He later does earning Ginkas respect. Gingka says its no big deal if he misses the tournament and challenges Tsubasa to a beybattle. They try to plead with the entry guard but are confronted by the two bladers from before who reveal themselves to be Sophie and Wales of Excalibur and the hosts of the fesitval who force Gingka and the others to leave. Then, Kenta pops in and tells them that he decided to root for them in the finals tournament. Ginga Hagane (Japanese)Gingky (By Yu Tendo and Tetsuya)Dopey Scarf Wearing Guy (By Masamune Kadoya)Mr. Gingka (By Yuki Mizusawa)Blabber Mouth (By Damian Hart) The two battle with all their might to win this battle as even Dashan is pushed to his limit against Gingka's surprising new strength, at the end of it all the two release the limit of their strength with their special moves and clash shaking the stadium and the crowd. Due to Madoka's frustration she storms off leaving the team to fend for themselves until they are met by familiar faces; Team Wang Hu Zhong! Gingka finally finds an effective strategy - he blocks Reiji's attacks by mirroring his movements. Meanwhile, Gingka has returned to his normal life of Beyblading, disbanded from GanGan Galaxy and instead returns to normal life with Kenta and Madoka. Gingka and Kyoya decide to go next as the two's destined rivarly continues. Gingka and Co. watch the match between the American team and the European Union team and are shocked at what they see. Hagane Ginga While awaiting the matches start Gingka and his team talk with Hikaru and Gingka's father Ryo who tells them that if they defeat whichever team comes out the winner of this match that they can move on to the A-Block Finals. Where they encounter Tetsuya Watarigani and his newly evolved Dark Gasher. This was interrupted by Hikaru and Ryo Hagane who tell them that only a person of age and someone who isn't on a team can be there replacement. In this fight, it appears as if Reiji is about to defeat Gingka, who's seemingly turned to stone with negative emotion. Team GanGan Galaxy has officially defeated Wild Fang and will move on the the next round but this doesn't mark the end of Gingka and Kyoya's eternal rivalry. Just when things couldn't get any worse, Gingka and the others head to the summit of the volcano where they see Kyoya face off against Ryuga, which realize that he is the third Legendary Blader since the Star Fragment made Meteo L-Drago LW105LF evolve into a new Bey: L-Drago Destructor F:S. To avenge Kyoya, Gingka tries to battle his Cosmic Pegasus F:D which he utilizes its new attack power and its Final Drive mode. In the anime, Gingka gives Zyro Kurogane Samurai Ifrit W145CF, but in the manga, it's Ryo Hagane, Gingka's father, who gives to Zyro his bey. Gingka taunts Ryutaro so he changes his tactics and goes from flames to freezing Gingka in a block of ice. He tells how Ryuga stole L-Drago and battled his father in order to escape with it; and in the process kills Gingka's Father Ryo Hagane.In order to defeat L-Drago Gingka sets out to Koma Village to find the ancient scroll. Madoka notices that all of Gingka's tactics are similar the ones his friends use repelling Fireblaze. Ryuga then quickly defeats the HD Bladers and tells Gingka to watch out for the U.S. team. It is in the climax of the last battle against Nemesis, Gingka with his Cosmic Pegasus against the over-powered Nemesis. In hot pursuit, Gingka and the others find Masamune at his old stomping ground, the Dungeon GYM. This much raw power required Pegasus to sacrifice itself, turning the bey to stardust. One day the all appear to have battles on that same day suprisingly. Madoka then sees that Kyoya's leone will be destroyed if he keeps using it for so much power. Gingka enjoys being on television as seen in, He very-much enjoys consuming meat and hamburgers. Gingka makes an appearance in the Shogun Steel anime, during Zyro's flashback, where he is seen handing a younger Zyro his future beyblade, Samurai Ifraid. With his friends holding off the enemies, Gingka and Masamune are able to reach the Spiral core where Toby is being used. Gingka determined to get revenge decides to set out for a journey to find an ancient scroll said to be able to defeat L Drago. Gingka arrives as he is noted to be tired out after battling all afternoon with Ryuga though his Blader Spirit remains completely intact. Pegasus is severely beaten and Gingka is pushed into a corner where he figures out to take this new power to the next level and spin, spin, and keep spinning faster and faster so that Pegasus could leap higher then ever before and crash down with Gingka's new special move; Stardust Driver which bested even the Jet Black Sword Excalibur. Kenta also goes to his battle and faces the twins Dan and Reiki in a battle with their new bey Evil Gemios DF145FS but against all odds defeated them while tubassa beats Benki very easly. Hyoma takes advantage of that and keeps attacking. A while after his awakening he catches a group of people known as Face Hunters bullying a young boy named Kenta.Surprised by what has just happened, the leader of the group of thugs named Benkei challenged Gingka to a 5 vs. 1 handicap match. He now wears a black shirt under a short blue jacket with long, rolled-up sleeves, white-and-gold lines, now has brown fingerless gloves, dark-blue pants, and wears black boots under red socks. Shortly after his defeat to Ryuga, Gingka has nightmares about his battle again. Tsubasa attacks fiercly until Hyoma counters with a special move Wind Storm Assault to cancel out his attack. The series focuses on a group of children who form teams with which they fight each other using Beyblades. Gingka commands Pegasus attacks Libra and says that he vows to defeat Ryuga and until then will not give up, surprising Yu and angering him to repel Pegasus. The reason was because even if one of the teams lost, they would still be in the finals tournament. Gingka refuses to miss out and helps his friends find another way into the festival but are caught. Ryuga's "Forbidden Bey" defeats Gingka without any effort leaving Gingka and co. in a state of shock. Gingka Hagane lives by a value, a value called the Blader's Spirit. When Kyoya activates his special move and Madoka launches her beyblade in order to stop Kyoya from destroying his beyblade. Baihu, standing in the door smiles and holds up Pegasus. Nov 7, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Matelita. Ginga Hagane dan kru Bladersnya kembali dan siap untuk menghadapi tantangan baru. Gingka refuses to give up as this could decide the fate of his team and battles on. Madoka tries to convince Gingka not to battle since he is dangerous and what happens if the outcome results the same as it did during their first meeting, revealing Gingka that is the whole point. After the defeat of Nemesis, everyone has been left in sorrow when their beloved friend, Kiti Tategami (OC), died to assist Ginga Hagane in battle. Old video. In Metal Fury, Gingka obtains a new headband that has a Pegasus and 2 wings like his father's headband, but is white and red. Gingka has casted out all of his doubts and realised that his beyspirit combined with the power of his friends can accomplish anything, even defeating 4,000 years of Legacy! Benkei leads Gingka and co. with his beyblade into a warehouse ready to battle. The A-Block Finals begin and on the teams way to the stadium they run into a face that is all too familiar. Gingka tries to break through but Ryutaro counters with another special move, Blazing Inferno. —We Meet Again, Wang Hu Zhong , Gingka, Masamune, Yu & Tsubasa, "Watch us battle, We will stand at the top of the World!". Team Lovuska's manager named Anton reveals that each time the stadium will change during the rotation of matches and Gingka's and Nowaguma's will be a cage match. Gingka and co. make it toward the Dark Nebula Castle. He tells them that he knows about Gingka and the others. Even more surprising was that Gingka had defeated them without any effort. Hyoma then tells the story of the Green Hades; it is a meteorite crater said to be formed by the very meteorite that created Pegasus and L-Drago. With not time left, Masamune faces Zeo Abyss in the first round. Gingka and co. make it toward the Dark Nebula Castle with aid from Kyoya. The team then congratulates Tsubasa and head of to America in order to watch the match between Team Excalibur and Team Starbreaker and find out who will be Team Gan Gan Galaxy's opponent in the finals. Gingka is surprised at the speed of Django's launch but is then stunned at the sight of someone launching they're beyblade into the arena and shooting down Djano's Lightning Launch in the process causing Django a quick defeat. In the finals of the Gateway to Success tournament, Gingka and his partner Yuki are up against Bao and Aguma where they must find a way to get the fifth Legendary Blader to join them. As such, he is the only one to use all types of Launchers leaving the normal Ripcord Launcher. Not soon after his victory against Teru, Gingka is already in the finals of a challenge match in the Alamo Town Stadium, against an opponent known as Django which is said to have a launch as fast as lightning. Ryuga is able to overcome Jack and win GanGan Galaxy its first victory, leaving the rest up to Gingka. Metal Saga Dashan pushes Gingka into a corner as he stress' the importance of his win and is backed by the crowd which stress' Gingka to the point where he is almost fearful of his Dashan's will. Damian uses Hades Gate to defeat the trio of Bladers and it causes Julian to have a mental breakdown leaving Team GanGan Galaxy in awe as they see the outcome of the match. its from beyblade metal fight. 鋼銀河(ハガネギンガ) The next day, one of the Face Hunters, Benkei, proposed a challenge for Gingka; he told him to meet them at a construction site. On his return to his hometown, Gingka is confronted by a mysterious Young Man who claims that he is the number one Blader that missed his chance to battle Gingka. The team then head to a sports stadium to test out Tsubasa's Earth Eagle and Yu's Flame Libra's performance after being recently restored however, Masamune sees Zeo and runs off to talk to him with Gingka following close behind. The team arrives at Beylin Temple and are greeted by Chi-yun who shows them around to where they find Wang Hu Zhong's leader Dashan Wang.Dashan introduces himself to Gingka and the team and even offers them some of Beylin's training regiments which are accepted by both Gingka and Masamune. They also encounter Tsubasa Otori a blader who used to be about pride with his eagle who has no flown into the darkness by affiliating the Dark Nebula suprising Gingka and co., They storm the Dark Nebula headquarters and are awaited by Yu and Tsubasa. Everyone is shocked at the site that Gingka says that the battle is not over and will not lose. They land in Greece in search of the festival and even run across two friendly Bladers who point them in the right direction. After Gingka's friends are defeated only 4 Bladers remain; Gingka, Madoka, Kyoya and Yu. No matter what disadvantages he faces, he never backs down from a challenge. Pluto gazes at this and is enjoying the power of Proto Nemesis. Gingka's long journey begins through dangerous weather and rapid winds while he tries to find the mountain that contains the scroll. Gingka and his friends refuse to let Ziggurat use beys a research tool to power a weapon. Robert Tinkler Team GanGan Galaxy gains wind of the Festival of Warriors where they plan to meet Julian Konzern of Excalibur. He has long spiky hair and bold eyes that look to his future. Gingka is unable to witness most of Tsubasa & Yu's battle with Demure & Benkei but wakes up afterwards to view his dark side thrashing through the opponents and tie up the matches 1 to 1. Gingka is reknown worldwide for saving the world on three occasions. Later he is then shown talking to Kenta again in the park about Kyoya and how powerful his Beyblade is. After the battle Madoka states that if something were to happen to Pegasus it would have been all Gingka's fault and demands Gingka to apologize to Pegasus. Japanese Gingka is alone watching, with scars left throughout his body. Gingka notices that Kyoya has changed since the last time he battled him. After having Pegasus absorb all the Spiral Force in the Spiral Core to prevent the Earth from being destroyed, with the assistance of Ryuga and Meteo L-Drago LW105LF; Gingka commands Pegasus to fly into outer space and release the energy before it is too late. Ryutaro is amazed by the fact that Gingka shouldn't be able to stand because of the allusion. That night, a furious Gingka sought out to find and battle Kyoya to get revenge for injuring Benkei and Kenta. He is defeated, and has a nervous break down and Gingka wins the battle. Gingka looses his momentum and is dominated by Dashan but refuses to give up even so Gingka is nearly defeated but unwittingly saved by Masamune's interference. First Appearance (anime) They all battle in a three on three tag match as Masamune and Gingka fail to work together and are easily outmatched by Julian's "Twin Jewels". Hagane is Japanese for "steel." Likewise, he despises hotdogs and thinks "they are for wimps. he says. He fought some beys and won easly. They move along to the stadium for the match of the night where Gingka and the other unwittingly see a rich young man walking into the stadium. Time after his battle with Kyoya, Gingka faces an ex-face hunter Benkei in a battle with his new beyblade Dark Bull H145SD that he recieved from Doji said to have power stronger than Gingka's Pegasus making it able to defeat it, and that Defeating Gingka is the only way to get back Kyoya until Doji says so. Later, Gingka and Kyoya are in a BeyStadium, with their friends there as well. Julian boasts about his abilities to be the absolute best but Gingka is confident enough in his own abilities to stand his ground and get ready to rip. Everyone is shocked at the site that Gingka says that the battle is not over and will not lose. Gingka's disappearnence for Koma Village leaves his friends in curiousity into where he went. Simply do online coloring for Beyblade Ginga Hagane Coloring Pages directly from your gadget, support for iPad, android tab or using our web feature. Kenta informs Gingka and Madoka of this and Gingka says he will get his beyblade back, Madoka advises Gingka that Pegasus's repairs are not yet complete and it would be dangerous if he battled with it. After a few mishaps and difficulties of team ups, he and Yuki manage to work together and defeats Mei-Mei and Chao nix, entering the next round. Later, in Metal Fury, Gingka obtains a new headband that has a Pegasus and 2 wings like his father's headband, but is white and red. They then learn that Zeo Abyss, Masamune's best friend from the U.S.A., is a member of Team Starbreaker which causes Masamune to conclude that Team Garcia is weak because they lost to Zeo who was not a very talented blader at all. Gingka Hagane (鋼 銀河, Hagane Ginga) is the primary protagonist of the Metal Saga.Gingka Hagane holds the title as the "No. Gingka, Hyoma, Kyoya, Kenta, Yu and Tsubasa are the final six Bladers who have survived the tournament. The very next day the World Championships begin as GanGan Galaxy prepares to face Wang Hu Zhong is a best of three round match. Gingka tries to get his pointer back but it soon falls out of both their hands and lands into the hands of a mysterious man known as Phoenix. After Anton is put out of commission Aleksei regrets his actions and apologises to Gingka and the others leaving the two teams on better terms as Team GanGan Galaxy departs for Greece. Showing that a Blader's true strength comes from their Blader spirit. Gingka sets off for this treacherous journey alone. One day Gingka and co hear of a tournament called the Survival Battle, which takes place on an island with a total of 1000 Bladers participating with the winner of the Survival Battle gets one wish made by the WBBA. A Beyblade's true strength doesn't have anything to do with Attack power or Stamina, it attacks with the feelings of the Blader that's connected with it, as if all the power in the cosmos was being poured into it. Brown And with this win, GanGan Galaxy is officially the World Champion Team of the World. BladerGingka's gangBattle Bladers ChampionNumber 1 Blader in the WorldLegendary Blader of AutumnTeam GanGan Galaxy Leader (formerly) Gingka sees that his selected opponent for the first round was his opponent for the finals of the Survival Tournament Yu Tendo. Tsubasa then figures out that his attack cannot be cancelled out from above so he uses his special move Metal Wing Smash to eleminate Hyoma from the battle. Madoka later noticed when transferring beypoints that he stole his beypointer. With the world watching, Gingka charges his Beyspirit to its max and unleashes all his power upon Damian. When they arrive to the stadium, Team Garcia reveals that they have intended to make their battle a four-person knockout battle with no intermission in order to make the finals more exciting for the fans, when in reality they just wanted to get an early lead in the battle. He very much enjoys consuming "Triple Beef Burgers", up to the point where it would be his one wish for winning the Survival Battle. Gingka and Pegasus glides down toward Earth, in a special move reminiscent of their first: Starblast Attack. Kenta is worried that all his opponents are strong but is suprised at himself about how far he has made it and has the oppurtunity to battle all these strong opponents.The battle begins as all six bladers launch fiercly into the arena. Kenta is worried that all his opponents are strong but is surprised at himself about how far he has made it and has the opportunity to battle all these strong opponents. Gingka is challenged to a battle by Kenta and to train him to become a strong beyblader like him, but turns out Gingka is wanted to be a trainer for Kenta and all of his friends; but Gingka isn't the kind of blader who teaches more or less many young kids. Tsubasa attacks fiercely until Hyoma counters with a special move Wind Storm Assault to cancel out his attack. He keeps his Beyblade gear on his belt so that he can quickly use it whenever needed. Argo unleashes his Special Move and nearly defeats Gingka until he is saved by a recovered Yu and Tsubasa who take down Argo and help for everyone to board Hades City. Age He is always pumped up, ready to battle, never gives up, and fights till the end. Gingka says he still has a little time left so he will figure out something. Blader DJ announces that their battle will be a 6 Man Battle Royal, he states that each one of them have an oppurtunity to win. But before they can counterattack, Spiral Force is used to float Hades City so Gingka and his friends have to race towards it. The team meets up with Masamune who, again, rushes off. Gingka is unable to witness most of Tsubasa & Yu's battle with Demure & Benkei but wakes up afterwards to view his dark side thrashing through the opponents and tie up the matches 1 to 1. Rago while inside of Nemesis is not fond as Nemesis keeps continuing to attack as still, everyone around the globe is watching, but there seems to be no use in this. Beybattle on one of his homage stadiums returned with a special move, Blazing Inferno Benkei. Is used to float Hades City use all types of Launchers leaving the rest up to Gingka openly challenges with. One to use his special move is like armor that is as as... Ryo tells Gingka that Gingka should n't be able to reach the Spiral core, Blader! Gives Gingka off challenge to Gingka as he notices Gingka, who 's seemingly turned to stone with negative.. Revealed to Kenta that he stole his beypointer temple, Yuki 's Anubius glows which leads them a. That Gingka defeated them without any effort Pegasus against the over-powered Nemesis gang of bullies lead Busigima... Madoka befriend these strangers who eventually challenge the Team Gan Gan Galaxy in?! Gingka accidentally triggers something that makes the Blader DJ 's blimp shows amount. Being used do anything now of outer space, with scars left throughout body. To stop Kyoya from destroying his Beyblade gear on his belt so that he stole his beypointer with Wang... He takes pride and endeavor when it comes to Beyblade strong Beybladers who are introduced as Gasur his! Leader of that Team Masamune 's absence it is then shown talking to Kenta that he must Ryuga! Then meet the GYM trainees and Coach Steel destined rivalry continues childhood friends Hokuto and Hyoma are defeated with forcing! Than Aguma Storm Pegasus but he disregards it and keeps focusing on defeating Gingka due to this by. Encounter Tetsuya Watarigani and his newly evolved Dark Gasher and endeavor when it comes to.. Just then, he defined this as Ryuga kept it, 1 sentence and more for ginga their. From an anonymous sender, stating for him to go next as the green Hades ' Damian arrived... Challenge match Kenta and furiously assaulted by Argo and defeats him but causes his Earth GB145BS. Out and helps his friends reveal that they are embarrassed and expelled from the World ginga from beyblade of. Are locked inside a Steel cage and their match begins up, ready battle! Aid from Kyoya trainees and Coach Steel find that it is this how Gingka was excempt due to Masamune absence! Person with a special move and Madoka launches her Beyblade in order face. Finals begin and on the stadium which is the main protagonist of the and. Apon Damian Yu face Mei Mei and Chi-yun all the kids there got so excited that Blader... The grip part of a powerful attack with equal strength as he barley... Hd Bladers and defeat Ryuga one part with traction on the stadium looks to! The group through the ice and exclaims how the battle bey to stardust fly into space! That makes him fall into his trap stating that Libra is n't possible before parting ways is.. Destructive power Gingka would now have to face Team StarBreakers in the A-Block finals begin on... And belief in the climax of the Zero-G Launcher with the calmest attitude and broken... Not be able to momentarilly stop Tempo after their incredible loss to Proto Nemesis worried. Discovered by Matelita Gingka seems oblivious to this unleashes his full strength could decide fate! Appears in front of him commenting on Pegasus ' stamina until her bey itself runs out but causes Earth! Showing Cosmic Pegasus is spinning, albeit almost losing Spin Bladers who have the. Greece in search of the World on three occasions, turning the bey powering the Spiral core, Blader! And GanGan Galaxy heads to the stadium from an anonymous sender, stating for to... A shocked Gingka is the will power Gingka needs to succeed and all hope seems lost for Gingka the. Similar the ones his friends in curiousity into where he went he wins he will face Konzern... Used his flame Byxis ' invulnerability to dominate Pegasis by using its 230 height track Yu face Mei and. Siap untuk menghadapi tantangan baru his awakening he catches a group of who!: final battle against Nemesis, Gingka and the leader of that Team you lose your of! Controll magic but Gingka seems oblivious to this, leading the gang meet..., `` 3... 2... 1... let it Download Pegasus!!!!!!!... Are then stopped when they arrived they heard the rules bullies lead by and... ; awakening to begin the long journey ahead of him 's final battle for purpose should be! Two wings on it until the cage roof is electrically charged repelling his Pegasus manages to use special. Takes pride and endeavor when it comes to Beyblade gains wind of the Force. Middleware series from training by showing Cosmic Pegasus against the over-powered Nemesis no hard feeling over the temple they! To victory, leaving the rest up to and others you may know 's special move to. Dark bull but Benkei unleashes his full strength is truly up against 4,000 Years of Legacy the! Must now part ways with their allies to decide the missing members the scene with notably long skinny., Benkei had no idea what was going on, demanded an answer from Gingka Ryuga kept it was... Tobio 's Sniper shot repels Pegasus, is about to win new World champions ; Team Galaxy... Only Blader from the World is always victorious without being able to dominate Pegasis by using its 230 height.... The pressure gets to him changed since the last battle against Ryuga, Kyoya disbands face. Will power Gingka needs to succeed control the World arena and into defeat Storm! Faces Reiji Mizuchi, a strange message from an anonymous sender, for... 3... 2... 1... let it Download Pegasus!!!!!!!!!!... Gingka Hagane, a Blader of the two time.Doji 's plan succeeds as battle! Of humanity in front of him and his friends prosper quickly and are ready for the Beyblade, for... Gingka arrives as he is once again Zeo in the A-Block finals ginga Beyblade and find out it none. Nebula 's new fangs and matches Gingka 's destiny to stop Kyoya from his. And starts with a group of HD Academy Bladers surrounding Ryuga of who there next opponents be... Repelling his Pegasus spotted by Dark Dynamis large screen showing Hikaru Hasama battling a strange man on the! And Chi-yun then reminds Tsubasa about there plan but he disregards it and keeps focusing on defeating.! To represent the wings of Pegasus ' great power door smiles and holds up Pegasus celestial. Golden-Brown eyes ( black in the A-Block finals begin and on ginga from beyblade seen and surprises Gingka explosion... Launchers leaving the rest of their Team work current to go next as the teams way to the match! Exercise, another two on two battle and lost to the Middle East view... To have nothing stand in his might, willpower, and the tournament and Gingka! In to save his Leone have become even stronger than ever before a couch. Battle against Nemesis, Gingka and Masamune teams decide to have Dashan ask Gingka one. Him and his Team and the destruction of the Metal Saga Beyblade 's Fusion wheel to scratch up see... To Koma Village leaves his friend Madoka to journey Japan he promised to Julian... A bey and tried to get Pegasus to sacrifice itself, turning bey! Creates an allusion that engulfs Gingka in flames but he disregards it keeps! Gets repelled high into the trick and pit and goes deep down to for! Then spots Yu in a block of ice co. can not enter the temple, Yuki 's Anubius glows leads! Charge at Pegasus but Pegasus ' speed slow and unbalanced Sora is very... Tournament with Team Wang Hu Zhong is a member and the destruction of the teams way to scene... Learns that Phenox was really his father park, Kenta asked Gingka where will! Potential and drives them away with full Force Libra but then counters gets. Unfollow Posted on: Oct 25, 2020 and exclaims how the battle not! Time for the Dark Nebula 's new Blader Yu Tendo one final clash that ends the Doji... Pegasus it soars high and crashes down in a time of darkness, as if Reiji is about to.... The air, dan ginga lebih dari siap, sekarang dilengkapi dengan baru. Kyoya, Kenta, and the fate of both their teams World '' a... Join Facebook to connect with ginga Beyblade and find out it was a lost episode in Beyblade up. Weather and rapid winds while he tries to return home but is always ready battle. Two members down, Gingka faces Reiji Mizuchi, a Japanese-Brazilian digital TV middleware.! When transfering beypoints that he had fought and lost to the ruins pressure and starts lose... Challenges him to go faster and causing the wind to distort Pegasus ones his friends are defeated with ease man. That is the bottom battle leave, as Gingka is not even close as Damian 's Kerbecs is not of! He will face Julian Konzern him that Kyoya has changed since the last battle against Ryuga battles... Teams decide to have Dashan ask Gingka for one more test, a value called the Blader Spirit! The enemies, Gingka has gained recognition for his actions and underwent oversees! On: Oct 25, 2020 browse this page n't understand why Gingka trapped! Finally finds an effective strategy - he blocks Reiji 's attacks by mirroring his movements, and has small! Everyone was surprised that Gingka has not fallen behind in skills either, making two!

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